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Learn the most in demand GTM skills and strategies to accelerate your career and business.

A GTM Club & Community For Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and GTM Leaders

ClubPF is for people who want to be on the cutting edge of go-to-market to accelerate their career and business.

In ClubPF you'll be surrounded by people who are learning and pioneering the most relevant and in demand GTM skills. Discussing and learning the strategies, skills, and tactics that matter today and in the future.

We’re not a community that’s about yesterday. Or about incremental thinking. We’re a group of GTM status quo breakers. People who are chasing the pursuit of GTM mastery.

You will learn new things every week. Things that will improve the performance of yourself, your team, and your business. Enter the new era of B2B GTM with us.

Inside ClubPF you will find:

  • Passionate and friendly people
  • New ideas, daily tips, and expert-led sessions 
  • Hundreds of go-to-market resources 
  • Coaching and on-demand training
  • Honest, relevant, and useful feedback 

We Believe in a Better Way to Go-to-Market 

It’s quite clear that we’re at a major inflection point. B2B marketing and sales needs a major makeover. Brand spam is rampant, quality of content has plummeted, and nothing works like it used to. Everything is changing at breakneck speed. And that's where ClubPF comes in. ClubPF was inspired by our experiences at HubSpot, Clari, Drift, and Alyce to name a few. We've seen first-hand the power of a people-first approach. Join 130+ other members and become a pioneer of the new ways to go-to-market. Let's together put people first.

- Mark & Nick

Mark Kilens, CEO and Co-Founder of TACK and ClubPF. Previously VP of Marketing at HubSpot and Drift, and CMO of Airmeet.

Nick Bennett, CCO and Co-Founder of TACK and ClubPF. Previously Sr. Director of ELG & Evangelism at Airmeet and Director of Marketing at Clari and Alyce 

Social Membership Benefits:

  • Daily Go-to-Market Tips: Everyday learn a new way to think about how to improve your marketing, sales, or customers success. 
  • Weekly Live GTM Masterclasses: Attend expert-led sessions and workshops to help you navigate the ever changing B2B go-to-market waters.
  • Monthly People-first GTM Events with Special Guests: Learn from the top go-to-market leaders every month and ask them your burning questions. 
  • Hundreds of Curated Resources: Exclusive access to a library filled with 200+ templates, frameworks, and examples.
  • One Private Call with Mark or Nick Every Quarter: Ask Mark or Nick for advice, to pick their brain, or to address your most pressing questions. 
  • Networking with GTM professionals: Engage in meaningful conversations with your peers, meet new people and build real connections. 

VIP Membership Benefits:

  • Everything in the Social Membership plus:
  • Monthly Private Coaching Sessions: Regular calls with Mark and Nick every month. Coaching, mentorship, and private strategy sessions. 
  • Direct Access to Nick and Mark: Get Mark's and Nick's direct phone number. Anything you whenever you need it. No strings attached. 
  • VIP Events and Experiences: Private and curated in-person experiences and online events to meet the brightest minds in B2B go-to-market.