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ClubPF is 140+ of the best GTM minds in the world honing the new skills needed to create, capture, and convert demand into revenue.

We’re a group of forward-thinkers who have noticed that the old playbooks B2B companies use to take their products to market are broken:

  1. 🤷 Buyers are inundated with “meh” content optimized for an algorithm, not humans.

  2. 📉 Digital channels are saturated, and have reached the point of diminishing returns.

  3. 🍪 We have entered the cookieless future, with an emphasis on privacy and a reliance on first-party data.

  4. 🤝 While prospects crave authentic connection, businesses optimize their GTM processes by minimizing the role of people.

  5. 🤦 Companies use outdated GTM strategies built for a time before AI — a time that has passed.

If you’re a GTM professional at a B2B company or entrepreneur who sees what we see and wants to pick up critical skills needed to thrive in the new era of GTM, ClubPF is for you.

What is ClubPF?

💡 ClubPF is a Slack community that offers courses, events and resources.

In ClubPF you will:

🎓 Learn

Pick up new skills to create, capture and convert demand with cutting-edge, people-first GTM strategies.

🧩 Problem Solve

Ask the community and get fast, honest and relevant feedback from top-performing peers.

🔎 Find Proven Resources

Discover hundreds of new frameworks, templates and processes that you can use to take your career to the next level.

🤝 Meet Your Peers

Find connections with a group of passionate, friendly status-quo breakers and GTM experts.

🏅 Get Coaching

Access expert mentorships and get on-demand advice and coaching from pros who have been there, done that.

Join ClubPF, the only GTM community dedicated to pioneering a people-first approach to creating, capturing and converting demand.